Benefits of Image Suite

Benefits of Vita XE with Image Suite v4 Image Capture Software

REMOTE PATIENT ENTRY – Included web-enabled software accelerates order entry process. Allows for remote patient order entry without the need for a practice management or EMR system present.

POSITIONING GUIDES – Instructional positioning guides help ensure patient is oriented properly for each exam.

ADVANCED CHIRO TOOLS – A full suite of specialty measurement tools and automated image stitching.

MODALITY WORKLIST (MWL) – Included MWL worklist software with HL7 interface allows simple interface with existing EMR/EHR systems to simplify patient order entry.

What you need to understand when configuring your system:

  • Image Suite Capture Software allows for storage of up to 2,000 images.
  • If no PACS is present, you will need to purchase the optional IS4 mini-PACS bundle
    • IS4 mini-PACS provides 1TB Image Storage and FIVE concurrent web viewers.

Image Suite v4 has set a new benchmark for workflow efficiency in the diagnostic imaging market. Enhanced toolsets, a streamlined workflow, improved image quality and an advanced mini-PACS module are just some of the features this next generation software has to offer.


is4 viewer image