Benefits of PACS Pro Acquire

Benefits of Vita XE with PACS Pro Image Acquisition software:

  • STORAGE – Unlike Image Suite Capture software, PACS Pro can store up-to-500GB (roughly 40,000) patient images. This means smaller operations don’t need to purchase separate PACS software to store their images.
  • EASE-OF-USE – There are a few software packages that run the Vita XE scanner but none are as simple to use. PACS Pro Acquire is intuitive and easy to use. Operators can be trained on the workflow in less than ten minutes.
  • COST – Because you don’t need to buy a separate PACS, you save $1,500 compared to Vita XE with Image Suite Capture and PACS.

PACS Pro is a battle-tested DICOM 3.0 software platform that has been in use with Kodak/Carestream tabletop scanners since 2007. We recently changed the color scheme to give the GUI an updated look and feel but the performance and reliability have not changed. PACS Pro provides the ability to burn single and mutli-patient CD/DVDs and includes a diagnostic-quality DICOM viewer to review images at the scanner workstation. Additional viewers are available to send images to other review stations as needed. For sites that want to save the money, Vita XE with PACS Pro Acquire is a great choice!

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