Every aspect of ClearRay Veterinary Systems is designed by Veterinarians with over 25 years of experience. 

The durable, lightweight, and highly adaptable ClearRay System is the most feature-rich veterinary X-ray system available today.

CR1700 provides the option to upgrade to a 12″ LCD Touchscreen DR System. (1700DRI) This system comes with a fully Integrated tablet and available software to operate and manage all your digital imaging needs. With this upgrade, the generator and software can be controlled right from the tube stand.

System includes a MasterX 17×17″ Wired Cesium DR System with Voyance Acquire and PACS software. Voyance PACS provides 10 DICOM viewer licenses for other computers in the office. Viewing software provides advanced Veterinary measurement tools and functionality.

Manufactured from high-quality anodized aluminum, the ClearRay’s sturdy column can be adjusted to fit low ceilings.  Our unique omni-directional table design is the most versatile floating table on the market, offering amazing lateral range. Silent, Rubber-cushioned feet reduce noise and minimize vibration, providing better operational quality. By reducing waste present in our competitors’ designs, we achieved the lightest over-all design, reducing shipping costs, and keeping your budget in mind.

Solid anchor points hold the entire system firmly in place to ensure premium operation. Foot-controlled, one-touch function for easier animal management and image capture.




High-end Materials                                 • Non-Elevating Table
• Table Top: 31″D x 60″W, 4-way float top. Floating range of +/-11inches longitudinal and +/-3 inches transversal
• Electromagnetic Braking System
• Fixed DR Detector Holder
• Maximum Allowable Lifting Weight: 600 lb.
• Manual Rotating Tube Mechanism, locks in place at 45 degrees increments

CPI Generator
• 32KW, Single Phase Generator
• 40 –125KV Range
• 10 –400 mA Range
• 0.1–100 mA Range
• Exposure Time Range 1ms–6.4 s
• Technique Selection: kV/AEC, kV/mAs, kV/ma/ms

Toshiba X-ray Tube
• Nominal Radiographic Tube Voltage: 40 –150 kV
• Nominal Focal Spot: Large 2mm, Small 1mm
• Anode Target Angle: 12degrees
• Anode Heat Content: 140 kHU

Manual Vet LED/LASER Collimare Collimator
Foot Switch for Exposure
20’High Voltage cable pair with federal terminals on both ends