MasteRad™ MX30C

The MX30 offers a versatile radiographic system for Chiropractic applications offering a full range of functions that are designed to be practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. Includes a MasterX 17×17″ Wired Cesium DR System with Voyance Acquire and PACS software.

Voyance PACS provides 10 DICOM viewer licenses for other computers in the office. Viewing software provides advanced Chiropractic measurement tools and functionality.

  • Electromagnetic brakes throughout system 
  • Modern design 
  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • Generator upgrade options: 40kW, 50kW, 60kW
  • Tube upgrade options: 200kHU, 300kHU, 400 kHU 

System features

  • Movable Bucky accomodates 14″x17″ or 17”x 17″ detectors
  • Bucky uses an electromagnetic locking system