BRAVO Chiro System

The Bravo Chiropractic System provides a 30kW high-frequency generator, tubestand and wall stand equipped with an LG 17×17 Cassette-sized Cesium Digital X-ray Detector (DXD). LG’s Advanced Workstation Software is pre-loaded on a 4TB RAID1 Lenovo workstation with 24” touch screen LCD to provide an easy-to-use operator interface for order entry and image capture. AWS software includes advanced Image Stitching for up to 4 images at no charge.

BRAVO Chiropractic system also includes long-term picture archiving, managed by Voyance VPACS software. VPACS server makes all of your images available at every workstation in your office to review and manipulate images with an extensive suite of Chiropractic measurement tools. VPACS 4TB RAID1 (2x4TB HDD) system stores all of your images locally for the long-term to allow you to maintain total control of your valuable imaging assets.

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Chiropractic Measurement Tools Included