BRAVO Straight Arm

The Bravo Straight Arm Digital X-ray System features the motorized auto-positioning of a U-arm, at the price of a straight arm. This hybrid Straight Arm system comes fully-loaded with a 9.5” touch screen, a remote control for positioning, and a 5-year warranty.

BRAVO Straight Arm Systems are equipped with an LG 17×17 Cassette-sized Cesium Digital X-ray Detector (DXD). LG’s Advanced Workstation Software is pre-loaded on a 512GB SSD Lenovo TIO workstation with 24” touch screen LCD to provide an easy-to-use operator interface for image capture. Images are immediately available to be reviewed, manipulated and annotated before sending to external PACS or stored locally.

Download BRAVO Straight Arm Brochure

Download LG DXD Brochure