DRX Core 3543 Wireless Detectors

DR Imaging Made Affordable

Upgrade to the Benefits of Full Digital X-ray.  The DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now-quickly, easily and economically.  It slides into your existing CR systems-full X-ray rooms and mobile units-converting them to the speed and convenience of full digital.  The Result?  You get all of the benefits of DR, with no need to compromise your current investment. The Carestream DRX Core 3543 is a wireless 14×17 cassette-sized detector system available in both GadOx or Cesium.

DRX Core systems include a 3TB RAID1 workstation (2 x 3TB HDD) with a 23″ Touch screen LCD integrated with Image Suite Archive software and Ten (10) Web viewing licenses to provide access to your images wherever you may need to see them. Rugged and durable, designed to handle the most demanding imaging environments.

Carestream’s DRX Core detector features:

  • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection
  • Full digital technology eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity
  • Superb image quality of digital supports greater diagnostic confidence

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