Carestream X-ray Film

Film Solutions for Radiology

MIN-R EV Mammography Film Brochure

The ultimate choice for enhanced visualization and easier detection

For a visible difference in your mammography images, count on MIN-R EV Film . Delivering higher contrast, sharper detail, and wider exposure latitude, it is the ultimate choice for enhanced visualization of breast tissue and easier detection of abnormalities. MIN-R EV Film works with EV Screens as a superior new screen-film system designed to deliver optimal results. Two technology advancements—visually adaptive contrast and a unique film emulsion layer structure—make the clinical improvements possible.

X-SIGHT General Radiography Film Brochure

Simply the best films for general radiography, X-SIGHT Films, when combined with X-SIGHT Screens, create the advanced X-SIGHT Imaging System—with zero-crossover film technology and a wide dynamic range to minimize image blur.

T-mat Film Brochure

These green-sensitive films use T-grain film technology for excellent general radiography images. T-MAT G/RA is great for general radiography, and T-MAT L/RA provides low-contrast, wide latitude imaging. Use with LANEX Screens.

DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film Brochure

DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film is formulated specifically for DRYVIEW laser imagers and renders even higher quality images than current DRYVIEW laser imaging film. Producing superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence, DICOM compliant DRYVIEW Film can be used with all DRYVIEW Imagers, has a long shelf life, quick roomlight loading, and a large selection of film sizes.

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