Carestream PRO Detectors

DR Imaging – Made Affordable

CARESTREAM PRO Detectors are DR retrofit devices that provide the ideal balance of performance and price for facilities such as small hospitals, imaging centers, orthopaedic practices, chiropractic, veterinary and urgent care facilities.

Choose between three popular cassette-sized models:

  • Carestream Pro 3543W (14×17″) wireless GadOx or Cesium
  • Carestream Pro 3543T (14×17″) wired GadOx or Cesium
  • Carestream Pro 4343T (17×17″) wired GadOx or Cesium

Cassette-sized form factor means these detectors will easily slide in to a traditional cassette tray without modifications, making it an easy and cost-effective upgrade to digital. Simply select the right detector to slide right into your existing equipment.

Cesium Carestream Pro Detector Product Image

Download Pro Detector Brochure


Speed, Convenience and Enhanced Patient Care

  • The superb image quality of digital helps support greater diagnostic condence.
  • Choose either a Gadolinium Scintillator for general radiography imaging or Cesium Scintillator for dose-sensitive applications.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables, provides improved infection control and minimizes interference with ICU equipment.
  • Full digital imaging eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity and reduce image-delivery time.
  • Beam-detect mode (auto-trigger) means there’s no need for a cable connection to the generator – image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.
  • Pro Detectors includes Carestream Vxvue Acquisition Software and Image Suite PACS with Four (4) Concurrent Web Licenses.
    • IS4 is available with Medical and Veterinary software packages.
      • IS4 for Medical includes Advanced Chiropractic and Orthopaedic measurement tools
      • IS4 for Vet includes Advanced Veterinary measurement tools