Nexus Wireless DR Systems

Varex Wireless Medical Flat Panel Detector with Nexus Software

Nexus DR systems are light weight, wireless flat panel detectors designed for digital radiographic systems. Nexus is available in both Gadox and Cesium versions.

The detector fits standard 14×17” Bucky trays and its wireless communication enables easy migration between table, above the table, chest stand, and mobile cart applications.  The panel works on peer-to-peer connections as well as commercially available Access Points.

Nexus DR acquisition software is an advanced digital image acquisition software designed to automate patient work flow with Varex flat panel detectors. It is a cost-effective and trouble-free solution that includes advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability. Designed to provide fast and accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction.

Nexus DR systems are an efficient solution for your digital radiography needs. Optimized work flow with this product will allow X-ray technologists to focus on the patient while easily capturing high quality images.

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Key Features:

• IOS-like look and feel with multi-touch monitor
• Easy patient worklist selection when integrated with RIS
• Extensive pre-loaded exam protocols
• System guidance through defined protocol with seamless image transfer to DICOM server
• DICOM 3.0 compliant

Download: TI-BA Nexus DR Brochure_2017