Prodigy Power DR 1417C

Prodigy PowerDR 1417C Wireless Cesium DR Systems utilize PerkinElmer’s renowned XRpad flat-panel detector technology to provide superior image quality, high dynamic range and easy integration with your existing x-ray room or new equipment installation.  Prodigy 1417C is a 14×17″ cassette-sized wireless flat panel Cesium detector (FPD) for general digital radiography that easily fits into conventional table and wall-stand trays just like a film or CR cassette, with no modifications or accessories needed. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) simplifies integration by eliminating the need to create a wired interface with the generator. Simply insert the detector in the Bucky and begin your exams within minutes!

Prodigy’s directly deposited Cesium scintillator is extremely sensitive, which allows your technician to reduce dose-to-patient by up-to-50% below your current techniques.

Prodigy 4336 WirelessPRODIGY PowerDR 1417C Brochure

PowerDR Image Capture software, is a DICOM 3.0 compliant acquisition software that powers the Prodigy detectors. Prodigy wireless detectors feature a 15 megapixel image matrix with an industry leading 100 micron pixel pitch, 16-bit image output (65,000 shades of grey) that resolves up-to-5 line pairs. Many detectors today offer only a 14-bit output, showing 16,000 grays by comparison.

Prodigy PowerDR 1417C provides a true 35×43 cm2 imaging area, which means that it captures x-ray edge-to-edge. System includes a battery charging unit and two rechargeable batteries. Each battery provides 4-6 hours of use per charge.

The Prodigy PowerDR 1417C detector is a perfect choice for busy clinics, hospitals, orthopedics and mobile applications where a rugged wireless detector is needed.



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PowerDR Image Capture Software

Prodigy 1417C Wireless 14×17 Cesium Iodide (CsI) DR Detector. Cassette-sized FPD with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), Superior Image Quality and High Dynamic Range.

Panel Features and Benefits:

  • Industry Best 100 Micron Pixel Pitch with 5 Line Pair Resolution
  • Reduce patient dose by 50%-or-more below current techniques
  • 16-bit Dynamic Range Displays up-to 65,536 shades of gray
  • Ultra-high resolution 3550×4320 (15MP) Pixel Matrix
  • True 35cm × 43cm (14×17”) image area
  • Cassette-sized detector fits in conventional Bucky tray
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) for ease of installation
  • Direct deposit Cesium Iodide provides excellent image quality
  • Wireless 802.11n standard
  • Two (2) rechargeable batteries with battery charging station

PowerDR Acquire for Medical and Veterinary:

  • Modality Worklist (MWL) SCU Interface
  • Procedure Code Mapping (MPPS)
  • Study status Indicator
  • Long-length Image Stitching
  • Recognizes Returning Patient Information
  • Repeat/Reject Analysis
  • CD/DVD Burn for Single Patient Study
  • Auto and Manual Send to Multiple Destinations
  • Diagnostic Quality DICOM Viewer:
    • Basic Lines & Measurements
    • Angles and Angle Calculations
    • ROI, Magnify, Shutter, and more
    • Left/Right Annotations
  • Supports up to 5MP Monitor
  • Ability to Create Eight Unique DICOM Tags
  • Windows Print (DICOM Print Optional)
  • Export Images (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, DICOM)
  • Customizable/Sortable Patient Worklist
  • Create/Attach Custom Study Notes and Reports