Prodigy Power DR 1717C

The Prodigy 1717C wireless Cesium DR Systems utilize PerkinElmer’s renowned XRpad flat-panel detector technology to provide superior image quality, high dynamic range and easy integration with your existing x-ray room or new equipment installation.

Prodigy 1717C fits into a conventional table or wall-stand Bucky, just like a film-screen cassette. Featuring a 18.7 million pixel image matrix, a best-in-class 100 μm (micron) pixel pitch and a directly deposited Cesium (CsI) scintillatorProdigy™ 4343 provides exceptional image quality. True 43×43 cm2 imaging area per the ISO 4090 cassette standard is provided, along with a wired connection for power and image data transmission. Single-piece carbon-fiber construction for the front and back housing allows for easier placement and cleaning. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) simplifies integration, eliminating the need to hard-wire interface with the x-ray generator.

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Prodigy detectors are integrated with PowerDR Image Capture software, a DICOM 3.0 compliant software platform. The Prodigy 1717C detector is a perfect choice for Chiropractic, Veterinary, Pulmonology and other specialties where a 17×17 image field is desired.

TI-BA provides both Medical & Veterinary software to meet your needs. Image viewers with Advanced Chiropractic Tools are also available for making measurements and stitching images together.

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PowerDR Image Capture Software for Prodigy DR Systems

Prodigy 1717C  Wired Cesium Iodide (CsI) DR Detector. Cassette-size FPD with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), Superior Image Quality and High Dynamic Range.

Features and Benefits

  • Cassette-sized detector per ISO 4090, fits in conventional Bucky
  • True 43 cm × 43 cm (17” × 17”) image
  • High resolution 100 μm pixel pitch
  • Up to 65,536 gray levels
  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Direct deposition Csl, for excellent image quality
  • Integrated status display
  • Cable connector for power and data communication