Clinical Review Monitors

EIZO offers a selection of FDA approved Clinical Review Monitors for every imaging need.

Featured below is the EIZO RadiForce MX215 monitor, ideal for viewing x-ray, MRI and CT medical images in clinical review environments with built-in calibration sensor for maintaining optimal user settings. The MX215 is an FDA approved monitor that also meets current 2014 ACR guidelines. MX215 is a 21″ color calibratable LCD with digital and analog inputs. It provides 1600×1200 (2MP) resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio and a brightness measurement of 300 cd/m2. 









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Below is the complete selection of EIZO Clinical Review Monitors. Click on the images to review full product details and brochures.

Color Monitors


– 3.7MP
– 27″ Wide
– LED backlight


– 2.3MP
– 24.1″ Wide


– 2MP
– 23″ Wide


– 2MP
– 21.3″ Square
– LED backlight


– 1MP
– 19″ Square

Touch Panel Color Monitor


– 2MP
– 23″ Wide
– Multitouch
– LED backlight