UC-5000 Accessories

The UC-5000 Portable Digital X-ray System is a dynamic system that replicates a traditional X-ray room in a modular, portable format to save you money and space in environments where real estate is at a premium. The standard UC-5000 package includes the portable X-ray generator, Varex 4336Wv4 14×17 Wireless DR system and a Splash-Proof DR Panel Protector.

We also offer optional accessories to complete your room depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information and pricing on these solutions.

Patient Positioning Partner

Designed to offer precise placement of your imaging receptor, the Panel Positioning Partner is portable and features multiple adjustment points to streamline radiographer’s workflow. Protecting and securing the detector during procedures is critical…and tricky. Whether positioning for a cross table knee or decubs in the exam room, the Positioning Partner can handle the job and keep your investment safe.

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