Perform-X X-Ray System Equipment


The Perform-X Hi-Lo Digital Dual Panel Radiographic System from Control-X Medical represents a unique performance/price ratio in the industry, high level of quality, durability, great values and comfort in diagnostic x-ray imaging systems today. As a special package for the healthcare community, the Perform-X HI-LO Digital System represents an affordable choice with no compromises for the imaging specialist, allowing very fast workflow due to the latest digital technology in hardware and software.

Perform X2

High Performance X-Ray Generator

The Milestone HF X-ray generator delivers the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations including single-phase stored energy version up to 80kW of power, and interface options like AEC control, high speed starter, safety interlocks and more. Standard for the system is the MX PCX 650 HF STR is a 50kW PC and microprocessor controlled three phase, single tube high frequency generator. AEC electronics are optional. The generator is controlled with a touch screen monitor.


Phoenix-22 Elevating Radiographic Table

perform_x3-1The Phoenix HI-LO radiographic table with its heavy-duty, but still graceful design offers a convenient vertical height adjustment, four-way effortless positioning and an extremely low table top filtration for best exposures. Standard high-speed Bucky operation. Elevating radiographic table with a four-way floating top.


CTM 200 Ceiling Tube Support


Ceiling stand for x-ray tube which improves functional qualities and reliabiltyin an elegant and modern style. Manual movements and electromagnetic brakes in all positions. Rotation around vertical axis 360°, rotation around horizontal axis 360°.

  •  Electromagnetic brakes

TS 99 Tubestand

perform_x4aExtended travel to the floor. Smooth and precise operation through the special bearing system of vertical carriage. Eye-catching design with the standard WS 99DL accessory kit and full column cover.

Counter balanced for full-size digital panels with vertical electric locks. Extra trim weights, wall mounting cable box and cable house. Freestanding version and tilting version available.

  •  Electromagnetic brakes

Quality Components and Accessories


The Perform-X system comes standard with industry standard highly compatible components and accessories. We use only the most reliable and most widely recognized X-ray tubes, high voltage cables and AEC detectors.

The system also includes two high density grids for perfect, scatter-free exposures-one for short SIDs and another for long source-image distances.