Prodigy DR systems are the first and only 100 micron DR systems in the world. Why is that specification so important?

Dose is becoming a BIG DEAL. Once legislation catches up with technology, “lifetime dose-to-patient” will be tracked and regulated. Once this begins, all image capture devices will face regulatory scrutiny, some of them won’t pass.

What if a DR panel you bought (or sold) today failed a state inspection in a few years because it didn’t pass the DQE test? What would you do? How would you salvage the investment? The short answer is, you couldn’t. There’s no way to improve an under-performing detector and make it perform at a higher level. Just like you can’t make a Hyundai a Lexus.

Prodigy Cesium DR Systems 100μm (micron) Pixel Pitch can resolve 5LP (line pairs). The ultra-high resolution 3550×4320 (15.3MP) Pixel Matrix and 16-bit Dynamic Range can display up to 65,536 shades of grayBy comparison, most of the popular DR panels today offer 130-140 microns (lower is better), offer a 14-bit output (16,384 greys) and serve up an image half the size (7MP).  These panels produce half as much image data, but they require as much as 50% more dose!

That’s a stunning statistic. By using a Prodigy DR detector, you will be able to reduce current x-ray techniques by as much as 50% and see a better, more detailed and richer image than anything you have ever seen. Seeing is believing!

Please contact TI-BA to schedule a web demo and/or on-site demonstration to see the difference Prodigy DR makes for yourself.