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Voyance VPACS Server

A Complete Archive Solution for DICOM images

Voyance VPACS Server is an affordable solution for viewing, sharing and storing DICOM images for the long term. Purchased as a stand-alone solution on dedicated hardware, or as part of an Acquire/Archive DR solution, VPACS provides practices with a scalable, upgradable solution to archive x-ray image data and comply with HIPAA guidelines. VPACS server securely shares patient data throughout your local network and allows providers to review images in any room.  

Voyance VPACS Server solution includes features to archive patients, retrieve studies, export studies in multiple formats, send images via e-mail, burn images to CD/DVD, send image data to DICOM nodes, etc.  

VPACS offers optional specialty-specific measurement tools for Chiropractic, Orthopedic and Veterinary practices. Allows users to compare images and/or studies.

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