Jade Portable X-ray

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JADE is an innovative, highly versatile portable X-ray system suitable for a variety of clinical uses. Utilizing the unique technology used in DRGEM’s universally recognized X-ray generators, JADE is a compact but powerful unit with a 4kW output and thoughtfully designed components to increase effciency and maximize workflow.

The core part of X-ray source adopts high quality tube assembly, X-ray collimator and high frequency X-ray generator with excellent performance, lifetime and stability.

Product Description
4kW, 1 00kHz, high frequency X-ray Generator
Maximum 140kVp / 0.1 ~250mAs
53.5kg including X-ray unit, collimator and stand
Maximum hight of 228.6cm
Collimator with 30 seconds LED lamp timer
Exposure Hand Switch
Automatic tube arm lock at any angle
Storage space for digital detector
User Programmable APR, save up to 9 APR settings
Three way X-ray exposure
USB interface & Bluetooth
Remote control (Option)