Topaz Mobile X-ray

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Integrating cutting-edge technology, DRGEM’s Topaz Mobile X-ray Systems are state-of-the-art digital radiography systems designed with maximum comfort for patients and technologists in mind.

From its user-friendly software to silky smooth range of movements, Topaz was designed to improve your busy workflow and provide you with high-quality, diagnostic images. Topaz can be purchased fully integrated with flat panel detector included, or as an analog unit to utilize the customer’s existing digital modality.

There are two Topaz models available: Fixed Column or Collapsible Column. Systems can be equipped with 32kW or 40kW generators.

Topaz Collapsible
TOPAZ Fixed Column



Wider Coverage
Longer arm stroke and high column provide wider coverage and patient-friendly operation service.

Safety Function
Front safety bumper & brake, spring loaded front wheel, and status LED indicator provide safety and connvenience for your patient and operator. It will prevent any unexpected/ secondary accident.

Accurate Positioning & Movement
Accurate positioning and precise movement provided with 4 direction buttons on this control panel.

Optimized Image Quality
Outstanding image quality by optimized digital image processing

Ergonomic and Compact Design
Easy driving and maneuverability
with ergonomic and compact design.

Convenient Storage Compartment
Enough space for detector, battery and other necessary equipment.

Swift Mobility
5km/h speed allows you to save time and cost, satisfying your patients with quick processing.

Topaz Fixed Column
Topaz Collapsible Column