LG Veterinary DR Systems

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Model: LG 17HQ701G

LG’s Gen2 Veterinary DR Systems are versatile radiography solutions that can used either wired or wirelessly to allow you more flexibility. LG’s Advanced Workstation software is an intuitive, agile user interface with a plethora of features and functions that reduce clicks and speed your workflow.

IP68 rating means that these detectors are impervious to dust and liquids and super rugged to handle the demands of any practice. Paired with VPACS archive, the LG Veterinary DR System provides five DICOM viewing licenses for your office to allow you to review patient images throughout your office. VPACS includes a vast suite of measurement tools to manipulate images and make your diagnosis.

TI-BA has developed a series of LG AWS Training Videos to help you learn at your own pace or get a quick refresher whenever you need it.

VPACS Veterinary Brochure


  • Light yet durable carbon-fiber housing
  • IP68 Rated for dust/liquid immersion
  • Rapid image availability (3 seconds)
  • Highly sensitive Csl AED detector (16 bit A/D conversion
  • Lightweight 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs)
  • Maximum Load Weight: Uniform load 400 kg (881.8 lbs), Point load 200 kg (440.9 lbs)


System Includes:

  • Cassette-sized 43x43cm (17×17″) Flat Panel Detector (FPD)
  • 3m Tethered Communication Cable with Interface/Power Supply Box
  • Lenovo Tiny-in-One (TIO)
  • Lenovo Workstation: 512GB SSD with 24″ Touchscreen LCD
  • LG Image Acquire Software to DICOM Store/Send/View X-ray Images
  • Marking Tools, Annotations, CD
  • Burning, Win/Level, Measurements (lines, angles, etc.)


Warranty Terms:

  • Three Year LG Manufacturer’s Defect
  • Warranty on Detector for Workmanship
  • Does not provide coverage for damage caused by accidents
  • Three Year Lenovo 24/7 Keep-Your-Drive Warranty on Workstation and LCD

Call (585) 247-1212 or email: sales@ti-ba.com for information and pricing