Focus 35C & 43C DR Systems

Economical Cesium DR retrofits from Carestream can easily upgrade your practice to premium digital quality using Image Suite Software.

Amazing DR Systems from a Name You Can Trust.

LG digital X-ray detectors are the best value in digital x-ray. Take your practice to the next level with a new DR system from LG Electronics.

PaxScan DR systems from Varex Imaging

PaxScan 4336Wv4 DR systems offer amazing image quality with a 5 year warranty. 

UC-5000 Portable X-ray System

A masterpiece in mobility. The UC-5000 sets a new standard in mobile diagnostic imaging equipment, designed specifically for urgent care.

TI-BA Enterprises Inc. is a reseller of digital x-ray imaging solutions from OEMs like Carestream, LG Electronics and Varex Imaging. Established in 1979, we have served the x-ray imaging industry for many decades, earning a reputation as a premier sales organization with expert product support technicians.

We specialize in offering best-in-class flat panel detectors and software solutions to meet each customer’s specific x-ray imaging needs. All systems are pre-staged, calibrated and tested at our facility prior to shipping and our factory-trained sales and service team is ready to help.

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“TI-BA’s support team is excellent to work with, always prompt, courteous and knowledgeable.”

C. Witcher - Owner, The X-ray Store, AR

“TI-BA is my preferred LG vendor. Well organized, professional and great customer service.”

J. Walsh - Owner, Independent Imaging, NJ

“Sales and support are top quality. I can count on TI-BA’s professionalism when we need it.”

B. Wills - Owner, Omni Imaging, MD

About TI-BA Enterprises, Inc.

Established in 1979, by two partners Don Titus and John Batterton, TI-BA Enterprises Inc. became the leading source for refurbished Kodak film processors and processor parts in USA. With a vast network of independent equipment dealers across the country, TI-BA developed a strong national sales channel supported by factory-trained technicians.

As x-ray imaging technology evolved from analog to digital, our business changed with it. TI-BA is now owned and operated by William Titus, who serves as President of the company and has worked in the industry for over 30 years. He continues the family tradition of “always putting the customer first.” 

In 2019 TI-BA celebrated its 40th Anniversary. We continue to add new products to our portfolio and seek out the latest innovations to bring to our dealer network. We are a premier reseller of flat panel DR systems by Carestream, Varex Imaging, LG Electronics and Source-Ray, among others. 

TI-BA sales representatives are strategically located across the US and available to provide on-site equipment demonstrations as requested. Our factory-trained support technicians are available to answer questions and provide remote technical support.

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