DR Lite Upgrade Kit for SR130

Convert Your Portable X-ray with the DR Lite Upgrade Kit

The DR Lite Upgrade Kit quickly converts your SR130 system to carry any manufacturer’s cassette-sized DR panel.

Made of lightweight, fiberglass material the kit consists of  durable compartments that mount to the SR130 frame. Hole patterns match existing drill-outs in the frame to make the installation process fast and easy. With room to store electrical components and cables, the DR Lite Upgrade Kit provides a tidy finished product.

SR-130 blank 2

The featherweight fiberglass design is a result of careful consideration for the practical use of the portable x-ray as well as the environments where they are used. This solution affords your new DR purchase protection from the elements while the technician is moving the portable x-ray in and out of the vehicle, while adding very little weight to the machine.

DR Lite also includes a removable laptop tray that mounts to the top of the frame. This mount slides on and off very easily and keeps the laptop secure while in use. It can be removed in just seconds when the portable is being stowed in the vehicle. The DR lite system can be used with all makes, models and sizes of DR panels and laptops.

With quick and easy installation your existing SR 130 you can be using your DR in less than 20 minutes.

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Benefits of DR Lite Upgrade Kit

  • Easy setup & take down to increase productivity
  • Lightweight design and ease-of-use with your technician’s workflow in mind
  • All components completely enclosed to protect against the elements
  • Ease of Transport