HelpTech Managed Services

HelpTech™ is Proactive Service and Support for Digital Imaging

Imagine having the ability to monitor all your digital systems from one simple web interface. Not just the ability to login remotely, but to individually monitor each system’s health, push Windows updates and software patches to all your systems simultaneously and proactively resolve problems before they become critical issues costing you downtime and dollars.

Now imagine that you didn’t even have to manage it.

That’s HelpTech.








HelpTech – Features:
• Centralized system management for all your CR/DR Systems.
• 24/7 automated monitoring of all system processes.
• HIPAA and HITECH compliance to meet strict industry guidelines.
• Customized maintenance notifications and reminders.
• Self-healing technology to automatically resolve issues as they arise.
• Automatic report generation (customizable).
• Non-commercial remote access platform accepted by most institutions.
• *Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) with Military-grade Encryption provides:
– 250GB backup of system, database and patient images to the Cloud.
– Larger Cloud tiers are available as storage fills, if desired.
– Granular Restore – Restores parts of dataset instead of rebuilding In Toto.
– Bare-metal restore – Restores everything from a backed up system image quickly – avoiding the time to install O.S., drivers and individual apps.

HelpTech Plus – Features:
• All the features listed above – Plus direct support to End-Users (phone/login).



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