Image Suite Training Tools

Image Suite software is a self-contained, hardware-neutral, radiographic imaging system. With a simplified, intuitive user interface, Image Suite meets the radiography needs of smaller facilities such as community hospitals, small clinics, imaging centers and private practices—for example Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Podiatry and Veterinary.


Please click the image at left to download a .zip folder that contains fantastic training and help tools for the Image Suite software. There is a self-guided course for users and technicians that will teach the basics of entering new patient information, taking an image, using the viewer to review images and much more. There is also helpful information for installers to teach them how to setup the detectors and configure the environment with Image Suite.

Just click the image or click HERE to download the .zip folder and save it to your Desktop. Once that’s finished, “right click” with your mouse and select “unzip folder” and it will create a new folder on your desktop. Once thats finished, open the folder and browse the contents. There will be a .pdf file called “ISV4-OnlineHelp” which is a manual that can be read or browsed. There is also an executable file called “Launch Story” which is the self-guided course.

These are tools that can be shared with your staff as well as your customers to help them get the most out of Image Suite and their Carestream image acquisition device.