PACS Pro TeleRad Server Software

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The ideal solution for encrypted DICOM routing and transmission beyond your practice walls.

PACS Pro’s encrypted TeleRad Server software enables the rapid and secure transmission of DICOM patient images to an unlimited number of destinations outside the practice walls.  TeleRad is also a superb choice for mobile CR/DR applications, allowing users to schedule, route and securely transmit images back to a central PACS.   

Whether across town or across the globe, TeleRad Server software can meet your remote reading needs, allowing both a regularly scheduled transmission and a rapid, on-demand service when emergencies arise.  TeleRad Server will ultimately reduce turn-around time of findings back to the patients, providing the needed flexibility for the hospital and its staff.

Features and Advantages

  • Encryption and De-encryption modules for sending and receiving sites provides HIPAA-compliant security.
  • Image routing to multiple destinations through the WAN.
  • Automatic image routing based on pre-configured schedule.
  • Multi-thread structure to ensure rapid image transmission.
  • Manual image push by selected patient/study/series or image.
  • Failed transmissions will resume automatically, at the byte level, once Internet connectivity is re-established 
  • Query and retrieve image remotely from PACS.
  • Configure network and remote node routing rules.
  • Use optional image compression for rapid transmission.
  • Permits users to quickly locate DICOM studies, series, or images locally and on networked devices.
  • Manages local storage volume with a configurable housekeeping scheduler.
  • Automatically deletes successfully-routed images and storage sets according to user-defined criteria.
  • Task List shows a running list with the status of tasks that have occurred during network transmission.
  • Quick filters help identify incomplete or failed transmissions.
  • Receive, store, display and distribute DICOM Studies, Series, and Images to Remote Workstations.