XRpad 4343 Wired DR System

Varex XRpad 4343 wired cesium (CsI) DR systems offer industry-best 100 micron flat-panel detector technology along with Nexus DR image acquisition software to provide superior image quality and easy integration with your existing x-ray room or new equipment installation.

XRpad is a 17×17″ cassette-sized wireless flat panel detector (FPD) for general digital radiography that easily fits into conventional table and wall-stand trays just like a film or CR cassette, with no modifications or accessories needed. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) simplifies integration by eliminating the need to create a wired interface with the x-ray generator.

All DR systems from TI-BA are pre-staged with computer and software and calibrated prior to shipment. We use Lenovo workstation-grade hardware for our Varex Imaging solutions to provide a more robust system compared to the consumer-grade computers most vendors employ. The difference is a solution that lasts for many trouble-free years giving you a better return on your investment. We also provide one free year of HelpTech Managed Services software with every DR system to ensure your experience is excellent.

Simply insert the detector in the cassette tray and begin taking patient exams in minutes!