Floor to Ceiling X-ray System

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DRGEM America’s GXR-SD Series is a complete digital diagnostic radiography system that provides reliable high quality digital radiographic images with a reduced dose.

The GXR FC system can be purchased with or without a flat panel digital X-ray detector. TI-BA offers several FPD options to meet your needs.

DRGEM offers comprehensive digital solutions for all your radiography needs, featuring optional ACQUIDR digital imaging system with wired or wireless flat-panel detectors,  as well as reliable high-frequency X-ray generators that are known worldwide for their excellent performance, durability, and stability. Various tube stands, patient tables, and wall stands are available upon the user’s request.

The GXR-SD Series DR system is guaranteed to improve your workflow, exam throughput, and efficiency with its excellent performance.

Generator Options:

Standard: 32 / 40 /52 / 68 / 82 kW

Capacitor: 32 / 40 / 52 kW
GXR Floor to Ceiling 4 way