PACS Pro Web Archive

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A low-cost Web-based solution for securely sending DICOM images and data beyond the walls of your imaging department.

PACS Pro™ Web Archive Server software is an affordable way to securely extend DICOM images and patient data beyond the radiology department or imaging center using pervasive Internet technologies. An extremely efficient Teleradiology application for on-call radiologists performing wet-reads, it is also an excellent solution for providing patient images to referring physicians. Using thin-client architecture, the
PACS Pro™ Web Archive Server software allows Radiologists, Physicians and other designated users to view patient images and medical reports from any PC with an Internet connection. Proven to increase clinical productivity, enhance patient care, and reduce the costs associated with conventional medical practices, PACS Pro™ Web Archive Server software offers the best possible method for remote viewing.

TI-BA provides Dell RAID1 & 5 Servers as well as expandable Rack Server options.  To request PACS pricing, click “Quote” link on toolbar above.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce time, costs and labor associated with obtaining and returning film jackets.
  • Includes concurrent Web viewer licenses to access PACS via Web-client interface.
  • Allows access to patient data and images 24/7.
  • View full-fidelity images from local and remote locations.
  • Simple and friendly user interface for easy location and viewing of patient data.
  • Multi-thread structure to ensure on-demand image transmission for viewing.
  • Includes the ability to review any accompanying reports.
  • Conforms to DICOM Part 10 Media Storage standard.
  • Read images with DICOM graphic annotations, structured reports, key image notes, or raw data objects from CDs and DVDs.
  • Measurement tools for density, linear distance & angular measurements, and arbitrary boundary area measurement.
  • Viewing software is customizable and controlled by a master configuration utility.
  • Administrator can remotely manage configuration
  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest medical standards, including a complete audit trail for HIPAA requirements.
  • Easily move images to servers, printers or off-site for disaster recovery.
  • Share images with radiologists, technologists, referring physicians, administrators, or patients.
  • Proven inter-connectivity with all major PACS systems.
  • Simple access to user controls and the DICOM network.