Chiro-Practical Radiographic System

Safety, Comfort, Simplicity and Performance – Assurance provides the top level of quality, durability and value in Hospital Grade chiropractic systems.

Chiro-Practical radiographic systems offer affordable solutions to meet the diagnostic imaging needs of every chiropractic office.
These systems are designed to meet the high performance demands of most settings by employing the latest technology in our generators and using versatile components.

The tubestand travels effortlessly along the floor track. The counterbalanced tube arm support system ensures smooth and easy vertical positioning. The tubestand also has easily accessible fingertip controls for all movements ensuring trouble-free use by the operator.

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Convenient Control

All tubestand controls are centrally located at the x-ray tube, and the wallstand controls at the operating side of the bucky/grid cabinet. This is for easy fingertip access and operator convenience.

Electromagnetic Lock System 
Electromagnetic brakes provide reliable and precise positioning for both the wallstand and the tubestand.

Easy-read Tube Settings

X-ray tube position settings are in cms/inches and degrees. Optional digital angle position display for easy readibility.



Dual Rope Counterbalancing System

It ensures maximum stability and security with minimum effort of movement for both the tubestand and wallstand.

Excellent Maneuverability

Both the tubestand and wallstand are designed with “easy-glide” effortless movement for vertical and horizontal (tubestand only) travel.

Exceptional Versatility

The extended vertical movement of the tube and the wallstand supports examinations on patients with various anatomical characteristics.