ConRad Series HF Radiographic System

Hospital Grade components at affordable prices make theConRad series of radiographic systems the wise choice for a wide variety of applications. The practical design assures user-friendly operation while offering state of the art microprocessor control.

The high frequency techniques assure accurate and low dose exposures for the whole range of radiographic practices. The new ConRad generators match the needs of a busy radiology department with today’s advanced technology.

Their modular design is one of the smallest and lightest packages on the market today! It is affordable while still maintaining the Hospital Grade excellence that measures up to the expectations of doctors’offices and hospitals. Many options are available for this new HF radiographic system to meet your needs.

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Conrad Series HF Generators

•Microprocessor control delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management
•Outstanding linearity, low ripple, 300, 400, 500 or 600 mA maximum tube current
• Easy-to-use flat surface control panel
• Operates as a 3-factor technique selection generator (kVp, mA, time) with mAs operation selectable by operator kVp can be varied in 1 kVp steps from 40-125 kVp
• Wide range of selectable exposure times for easy parameter selection and flexibility
• Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces onsite procedure time
• Decreased x-ray dose as compared to traditional generator systems ensures patient safety
• Faster procedures due to improved x-ray imaging techniques means more throughput
• Automatic tube protection and interlocks are all standard features


•AEC electronics for consistent image quality, single or double chambers Anatomical programs for 10 body parts Pedestal for easy accommodation of the control console


• Floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall, or floor only mounting options
• Electromagnetic locks for vertical and longitudinal positioning
• 360° tube rotation with electric locks
• Extremely low focus – floor distance (approximately 24 cm)
• Quiet, effortless operation with special bearing systems
• Fully counterbalanced, dual rope system for safety
• Trunnion mount for x-ray tube ensures flexible positioning
Radiographic Table

• 149 cm (58 1/2″) vertical travel for the lowest and highest exposure positioning in unison with tubestand
• Fully counterbalanced, dual rope system for safety
• Electromagnetic brakes for easy positioning and permanent placement
• Includes aluminum side rails which support a variety of accessories
• Panel cover with cross-lines and AEC field marks for easy patient and tube positioning
• Grid cabinet with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid
• Wall junction box with cable hosing for clean and professional installation