PACS Pro Chiropractic Tools

Download PACS Pro Chiro Tools Brochure

Measurement Tools Included:

  • Vertical Distance – measure the vertical distance between two points
  • Horizontal Distance – measure the horizontal distance between two points
  • Distance from Horizontal Line – measure the distance from a point to a horizontal line
  • Distance from Vertical Line – measure the distance from a point to a vertical line
  • Cervical Curve – mark the cervical curve according to two points
  • Horizontal Deflection – measure the angle between deflection line and horizontal line
  • Gonstead Pelvis Analysis – the Gonstead analysis for A-P pelvic X-ray image
  • Logan Marking – full Logan Basic Marking
  • Ray Line – ray line based on two points
  • Antero & Retrolisthesis – the antero  and retrolisthesis value in percentage , Ratio :  0 ~ 50 %, Retro:  0 ~ 50 %
  • Spinal Body Canal Ratio – The Spinal body canal Ratio falls 0 ~ 100%
  • Atlas Plane Line –     The marking line for atlas plane
  • Center Mass –    The Center Mass line composed by two lines and an extra line connecting the middle points of    those two lines
  • George’s Line -Display the George’s line
  • Vertebral Angles – Measure each vertebral line’s angle with horizontal line and the angle between two vertebral lines
  •  Cobb’s Angle -The standard Cobbs’s Angle
  • Extended Cobb’s Angle – Multi-Cobb’s angles measurement (up to 5 Cobbs’s Angle)
  • Spine Label -Labeling the spine (C1 ~ C7, T1~T12, L1~L5)
  • Full Lateral Spine Marking – Marking and measuring for full lateral spine