Below is an announcement from Sony Medical USA

NO STOCK REMAINING – UPDF500 Single Tray FilmStation

After over eight very successful years, the Sony UPDF500, single-tray 14×17 Dry Film Imager has reached end of life.  This revolutionary printer literally turned the market on its side when introduced in 2003.  The first, and only printer that could be flipped on its side, the UPDF500 went where no other printer has gone before or after – under the console, taking up no counter space.

As of this week we have no more inventory of new or refurbished UPDF500 Single Tray FilmStations.  We will continue to support the installed base with technical support and parts.  UPT517BL film, which is also used in the UPDF550 and UPDF750 imagers remains available and in stock.

Recent sales trends show customers consolidating into a single multiformat printer to cover their entire facilities printing needs, and over the last year, strong sales volume has moved to our UPDF550 dual-tray FilmStation and UPDF750 mammography FilmStation models.

This announcement does not affect the UPDF550 and UPDF750; both will remain in the Sony line-up.

Thank you all for the great job you have done promoting the Sony FilmStation brand, and please continue to promote the UPDF550 and UPDF750 imagers.