Affordable Digital CR Systems Deliver High-Quality Images in Variety of Patient Care Settings

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 9 — Carestream’s continuous investment in CR technology has enabled thousands of facilities across the globe to convert to high-quality digital imaging with CARESTREAM Vita CR and Point-of-Care systems. The company announced it has shipped its 20,000th tabletop CR system.

These systems make it possible for small to mid-size hospitals, clinics and practices to achieve the convenience and flexibility of digital images at an affordable price. CARESTREAM Vita CR systems perform general radiology and long-length exams and are also suitable for military, veterinary and other diverse imaging environments. Carestream’s Vita CR family includes the CARESTREAM Vita LE, CARESTREAM Vita, and CARESTREAM Vita XE CR Systems. Throughput ranges from 23 to 63 plates per hour for 14 x 17 inch cassettes.

In addition to being reliable and easy to maintain, Vita CR systems can be set up quickly in the office or on the road. An intuitive interface minimizes training time, default image preferences simplify selection and system software automatically corrects over and under exposures.

For more information about Carestream’s CR Systems, call TI-BA (585) 247-1212