GXR-E40S Plus Essential X-ray System

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GXR-E40S Plus

Essential Diagnostic X-ray System

The GXR-E40S PLUS, a compact diagnostic X-ray system with an integrated generator located beneath the patient table, seamlessly blends into a radiographic room setup, perfectly harmonizing with your workflow. Designed with the operator’s convenience and the patient’s comfort in mind, the system delivers excellent performance and user experience.


  • System concept: floor mounted or floor-to-ceiling mounted system
  • Highly customizable digital diagnostic radiography system
  • Fully integrated digital detector and software to drive system
  • Options include AEC and DAP Meter
Generator Options:
Standard: 40 kW


Essential Plus System Image Features
Mano DR Collage

DRGEM’s ManoDR is a fully integrated digital imaging system composed of a Cesium Wireless Digital Flat Panel Detector (FPD), Computer Workstation with Monitor and RadMax image acquisition software. Flexible to be used in wireless or wired mode, ManoDR systems are the perfect for virtually all general radiographic specialties. Cassette-sized detectors fit into wall stand and table trays for easy removal.