Medical Physics Services

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Landauer Medical Physics Services are Mission Critical Solutions Built on Proven Best Practices. Landauer Medical Physics imaging physics professionals are experts in Imaging Physics, focused on optimization of image quality and measurement of radiation dose, while assuring regulatory compliance. We support Medical Imaging providers including hospital diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology departments, imaging centers, and other practitioners who are committed to providing quality imaging for patient care and industry partners that share our passion for imaging excellence.

Our imaging physics experts can help you achieve and maintain compliance with evolving industry and radiation safety standards, while proactively addressing emerging risk management concerns. Our team of imaging physics professionals is knowledgeable in both regional inspection trends and nationwide regulatory and accreditation requirements. We work closely with industry regulators such as FDA, CRCPD, and state agencies that regulate the use of radiation in medicine. Our physicists are thought leaders and are active in professional societies including the Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), American College of Radiology (ACR), Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), and Health Physics Society (HPS). Our Physicists also consult with several major imaging manufacturers. Vast experience enables our imaging physicists to provide expert consultation on technological changes and associated operational and patient safety issues.

Insights in a Rapidly Changing Environment.Our team of imaging physics professionals supports all imaging modalities and provides unique services such as radiation safety and medical imaging training programs, Sentinel Event Alert #47 audits, radiation safety officer support, nuclear medicine physics services, and shielding design and radiation protection programs. We can support all your imaging physics needs.

Broad Expertise Close to Home.

With more imaging physics professionals than any other medical physics practice group, and enduring regional presence, we efficiently plan scheduled services and quickly respond to last-minute requests when surprise inspections or unexpected issues arise. Our experienced practice group is focused on customer service, with experts in the field and in our offices who are committed to serving you. We understand the needs of your fast moving and evolving clinical environment, and value our role to help you care for your patients and customers.