Carestream VitaXE Medical

Providing high-quality diagnostic imaging to your patients is one of your highest priorities, but there are limits to your budget and your space. The CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Vita XE CR System is the perfect blend of quality and value — a reliable, compact, tabletop imaging solution with a small footprint and light weight design. It allows seamless integration into your existing work flow and helps increase efficiency and productivity, all at an affordable price.

TI-BA will pre-configure your Vita XE with your choice of software: Image Suite v4 Software or PACS Pro Image Acquire & Archive Software


  • Meets the needs of smaller hospitals, clinics and private practices with limited budgets
  • Allows end-users to offer in-house imaging without paying for features they don’t use


  • 65 to 69 plates per hour (“14″x17”) at standard resolution
  • Smart Erase feature yields improved productivity/speed
  • Designed for easy service
  • Smooth integration into current workflow


  • Handles extreme environmental conditions in variety of applications
  • Enhanced Quality & Service Performance
  • Tested to strict military conditions


  • Internal dongle eliminates loss or damage
  • High-quality images
  • Dynamic Range expanded to full 40mR
  • Improved DQE and Signal to Noise ratio
  • Options include: Long Length Imaging, Total Quality Tool, Cart and
  • Dental Panoramic package


  • Table-top design
  • Light weight (79 lbs/36kg.)
  • Easily transported


34 cm x 75 cm x 55 cm
13.4 in. x 29.5 in. x 21.7 in.

36 kg / 79 lbs.