LG DR Systems

Ensure Diagnostic Accuracy with Superior Image Quality

High-quality Digital X-ray Detectors (DXD) from a global technology leader. LG DXDs bring the same quality and workmanship you’ve come to expect from LG Electronics. LG DXDs guarantee high-resolution and clear image quality, without image distortion, using 16-bit image processing and a pixel pitch of 140㎛ (microns) for high-resolution, diagnostic-quality images. LG systems are cost-effective solutions suitable for any clinical or portable environment.

With the introduction of LG’s second generation of detectors, the panel offering has expanded to include a 10×12″ size. Gen2 wireless panels include a battery charger and two batteries, workstation and image acquisition software. 


Gen2 Wireless 10×12

Gen2 Wireless 14×17

Gen2 Wireless 17×17

Gen1 Wired 17×17

Acquisition Workstation Software for LG DXDs

Multi-layer Image Processing (MLP)

Multi-layer image processing embedded in AWS provides well-balanced visualization at each frequency level. Its contrast enhancement processing functions such as detail contrast, sharpen and de-noise improve tissue visibility within an image.

Improve Work Efficiency with Rapid Image Availability

LG DXD increases productivity with a fast-processing. It takes only 3 seconds with tethered connection or 6 seconds for wireless to preview the raw image. The processed image is presented a few seconds later.

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