PACS Pro Veterinary Solutions

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For use with FireCR Veterinary System and TI-BA Refurbished CRs.

Whether you’re in a traditonal clinic setting or an on-the-go mobile practice, PACS Pro™ Veterinary Image Acquisition solution is the optimal filmless solution to acquire, view, distribute and manage DICOM images.  This superior system offers a seamless workflow from image acquisition & viewing, to short-term storage and CD/DVD distribution and if fully DICOM 3.0 compliant.  PACS Pro™ Veterinary Image Acquisition software integrates with FireCR systems as well as TI-BA’s refurbished line of Kodak Point-of-Care and Orex ACL CR systems to provide rapid access to images and patient data, increasing productivity and yielding significant improvements in patient throughput, diagnosis, and treatment.  It also supports and optional DICOM Modality Worklist function to register and retrieve animal and owner demographic information from your RIS/HIS to save time and reduce costly human errors.

The integrated DICOM viewer is included for diagnostic readings. After acquisition, high-quality images are ready for viewing at the workstation within seconds or available to be sent to any DICOM destination or exported as a JPEG file.  With PACS Pro’s user-friendly interface, veterinarians can read images easily and accurately, ensuring confidence in their assessments and recommendations.

PACS Pro™ Veterinary Image Acquisition software provides an intuitive user interface to create portable CD/DVDs that contain diagnostic quality images, medical reports, and animal/owner information. Also supports DICOM image importing and exporting to Bitmap, JPEG, and other image formats.

System Features:

  • Single step to acquire, view, archive, send, or burn CD/DVDs
  • Automation reduces the need for staff training to operate the system
  • Connects to any other DICOM compliant PACS solutions using a LAN/WAN
  • Significant cost savings from traditional anaolog film processing
  • Fully configurable to meet local needs and demands
  • Short-term storage is able to maintain roughly 30,000 CR studies
  • Meets up-to-date industry standards
  • Expandable as your practice grows
  • Supports animal registration

Hierarchical Archiving:

  • Equipped with a Microsoft SQL Database
  • Receive, archive, and distribute DICOM orders to configured workstations
  • Manage storage volume with a housekeeping schedule

Image Viewing:

  • Powerful image display features continuous zoom, window/level adjustment, orientation adjustment, etc.
  • Create DICOM images with graphic annotations, key image notes, presentations state and raw data objects using the measurement and graphic annotation tools with density measurement, linear distance measurement, angular measurement, cobb angle measurement, arbitrary boundary area measurement, specific measurement in ultrasound graphic regions, and more
  • Configurable Display Mode shows all images in a studies and series in one window or in rows of 2, 4, or 6
  • Features are customizable and can be controlled by a master configuration

Digital Distribution:

  • DICOM and IHE PDI compliant
  • CD/DVD creation command for creating animal records using only animal name, animal ID, or accession number
  • Easily export images from the viewer as a Tif, Jpeg, Bitmap or DICOM file