Radiography Imaging Products

The RadioLogiX radiographic system Imaging for the Future continues the Assurance tradition of offering performance, quality and durability at an exceptional price. Offering a unique combination of Hospital Grade components and value, the RadioLogiX is the logical choice in the search for a complete system in a compact package.

The Stylix table allows for installation in x-ray rooms of a wide variety of sizes. With its large tabletop and extended travel, Stylix allows full radiographic coverage with minimal patient movement.

The tubestand moves effortlessly on a single rail track. The balanced tube support system ensures simple vertical positioning. Easily accessible controls allow troublefree use by the operator.


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Convenient Control

Tubestand and generator controls are centrally located for easy access and operator convenience.

Electromagnetic Brake System

Electromagnetic brakes provide firm tubestand positioning for exposures.

Easy-read Tube Settings

X-ray tube positions are in cm/inches and degrees for easy readability.



The extended vertical movement of the tube and the wallstand supports examinations on patients with various anatomical characteristics.

Excellent Maneuverability

Both the tubes tand and walls t and are designed to provide effortless movement for vertical and horizontal travel.

Low Dosage Exposures

The high frequency techniques of the ConRad generator assure accurate exposure parameters.