MasteRad™ MX30

MasteRad™ MX30 is a versatile floor mounted x-ray room providing a complete radiology solution. Designed for fast & easy installation, with elevating & non-elevating table options as well as MasterX system integration option (Voyance® acquisition software and MasterX Cesium DR system).

  • Electromagnetic brakes throughout system
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • Generator upgrade options: 40kW, 50kW, 65kW, 80kW
  • Tube upgrade options: 200kHU, 300kHU, 400kHU 

System features

  • Open base for easy access and cleaning
  • Fiber resin, 4-way floating tabletop
  • Tabletop measures 84”L x 31W” 
  • Movable Bucky that can accomodate either 14×17″ or 17×17″ panel
  • Bucky uses an electromagnetic locking system