UC-5000 Digital X-ray System

Turn your radiology room into a profit center with the UC-5000 digital x-ray system.

Keeping costs down is the key to profitability for any business. An Urgent Care office is no different.

While providing fast, accurate patient care is the main goal, you need to think about the functions of the business that generate revenue. X-ray is not a big money-maker but it does attract more customers and allows your office to treat patients without referring them to an outside provider. Making the right choice for x-ray can make a big difference.

The UC-5000 is a portable X-ray unit that can literally get you taking images in under an hour…period. It plugs in to a standard 115v outlet when needed and can easily be stowed in a corner when it’s not in use. This allows you to design a smaller room for x-ray and eliminates the big ticket costs associated with a traditional fixed rail x-ray room.

Because the UC-5000 uses a 5kW generator it does not require any special power or lead lining in the walls, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. What’s more, if you ever moved to a new location, you wouldn’t lose the money you’d have spent investing in those building costs. Just pack up and go.

The system provides everything you need to begin taking X-rays immediately. The on-board touchscreen computer is integrated with your choice of wireless 14×17 Cesium flat panel detector, providing you with state-of-the-art image quality and reduced patient dose. Learn more..

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